07 tháng 12 2011

Puppet president Nguyen Van Thieu 'crying' when forced to resign by his U.S. boss

The convulse before the death of the Saigon puppet government (English sub)
We proudly present to you the audio file that contained the resignation of the Saigon puppet government's "president" Nguyen Van Thieu. In this records, we can see the envious, the hatred when Thieu is no longer designated as the puppet president by his U.S. imperialist boss.

The climax came when Thieu can't control his feeling of helpless, pain, hopeless, and impotent, he began to cry, groan, blame, moan, resent and full of hatred at his U.S. boss. Thieu used some of the very bitter and harsh words when talking about his boss: Break promised, not fair, and inhuman. We have to know that the U.S. government has feed, breed, nourish, foster care and brought up Thieu when he was only a poor, petty lieutenant-colonel, then the U.S. imperialist government brought up Thieu to become a puppet, dummy, dolly so called "president". Thieu was just one of the U.S. puppies and is a doll that was called "president". He later became a millionaire because of this job as a political laborer.

Beside that you will hear the "powerful" speech of the out of breath old man Tran Van Huong and also hear the unconditional surrender speech of Big Minh (the last "president" of the fake puppet government).

In this audio file you will listen to a special and rare song that does no longer exist: Ho Chi Minh City, in the center of the golden city, composed by musician Thanh Phuc immediately after the liberation of Saigon.

This audio file is recorded 15 years ago from the radio station The Voice of Ho Chi Minh City's People, now we posted this on YouTube and are happy to share this with you all.

Special thanks to: Ly Thi Minh Ngoc, LQT, TMP, LQD

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  1. Sao lại có cả búa liềm và sao vàng trên chữ VL nhỉ? :))

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  2. VL là bolg Việt Luận, một nhóm các bạn trẻ cộng sản, họ làm ra video này từ băng ghi âm bài phát biểu của NVT.

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  3. Thiệu từ bị Mỹ ép từ chức phải chấp nhận, nhưng vẫn tiếc rẻ,vẫn nghĩ đến chuyện có thể sau 1-2 ngày Mỹ quay lại viện trợ thì uổng.

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