29 tháng 5 2015

Ôtô kỳ quặc

What is this car? Somebody sent it in as one he saw on the Russian Roads. It looks particularly weird from behind. The lights remind me of an old ferrari or corvette but the overall back looks like an old tv-set to me. Any thoughts on what this is?
Talking about weird cars this is another one that has been sent our way. According to the story, these were built in Soviet times by the people working in what can be called the Park Rangers service - people taking care of forests. They were probably in need of cars which could go easily on the dirt roads and also wanted to stay comfy, so they came up with these.
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Some enthusiasts from Russian city Samara - home city of Russian car making giant LADA have come out with a cool mod for the Soviet first LADA SUV NIVA. Originally this was a smaller car but they have built it into a full scale pick up truck with six wheels!

The car original color was not all that catchy.

And it became really huge and long.

We don't know for sure if they going to continue with production of similar cars for sale, but even this one piece is pretty nice looking. Also please note a cool 6x6 badge.

Aerosani là một xe trượt tuyết cánh quạt của Nga, chạy trên ván trượt, được sử dụng cho truyền thông, giao thư, viện trợ y tế, phục hồi khẩn cấp và tuần tra biên giớiở miền bắc Nga, cũng như để giải trí. Nơi mà tuyết quá dày và không có đường được mức khá, xe như vậy, có thể có vẻ lạ đối với bạn, rất hữu ích. Được chế tạo đầu tiên vào năm 1909.
Such snowmobiles were developed much more widely since 1918. Even famous aircraft engineers were involved. Some models, including amphibious ones, were produced.
If any accidents happened with such snowmobiles, it was almost always rather dangerous, people could find themselves in the middle of nowhere, in hard frost. Survival seemed to be a miracle - it was only a helicopter that could rescue them.

034_1959г Победа
Sever-2_Kamovsever2_Печора_Смагин-1964sever22_Печора_Смагин-1964Север-2  и КА-30
Combat models:

To make military models of "aerosani" Moscow engineers applied Finnish technology.

This Car is Crazy
A Russian guy has built this car. He said he used computer 3D modeling software to design the outer appearance and the suspension characteristics of his future car. Then he, with friends, built it. They used a Nissan Maxima as a source for some parts, so if you look closely it still can remind you of the Nissan.


25 tháng 5 2015

Soviet Union -> Russia in W/B

Waiting in Red Square to visit Lenin’s Tomb, 1954.

ZIS Factory, Moscow. ZIS is an acronym for “Factory named for Stalin.” 1954.

The Arbat, Moscow, 1972.

Chelny, Russia, 1973.
Russia, Moscow, rush hour traffic on ring road, elevated view, 1987
Russia, Moscow, woman selling bag of eggs in street, portrait, 1991
Russia, Moscow, girl carrying rat in cage through market, 1991
Russia, Moscow, man selling cigarettes in street, 1991
Russia, Moscow, man selling portrait of Lenin in street, 1992
Russia, Moscow, man selling car parts on car bonnet, 1991
Russia, Moscow, truck parts in trailer on street
Russia, Moscow, Red Square, prodemocracy rally